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Absolutely no waste

Providing you with flexibility, whilst ensuring absolutely no waste product at all, just two of the benefits of choosing our volumetric concrete solution. A pre-calculated amount of your concrete will be mixed to your exact specifications, on-site. This means that not only is your concrete mixed right in front of your eyes, but that there no waste concrete, as the materials that are used to make your mix are added in the exact quantity required. If you find you’re even a little bit short of concrete, we can even top up your order there and then.

Benefits of using volumetric concrete

The benefits of volumetric over ready mix concrete

The process of volumetric concrete

  1. Using the mixers on-board computer, our professional team member will set the exact amount of concrete that is required for your project
  2. Aggregate flow falls onto the conveyor belt and passes through the gates
  3. Cement powder is then added to the mix through the vehicle’s “sock”
  4. Water is added via a small hose pipe
  5. The mixture then flows into the on-board mixing bowl and is mixed by the auger
  6. The finished product then flows down the concrete chute
Process using volumetric concrete
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Is volumetric concrete the right choice for your project?

Not sure whether you should choose our volumetric or ready-mix concrete solution? Don’t worry, our experienced team are on-hand to offer their advice.

We will talk to you about your project, it’s requirements, and the benefits of both of the solutions available, ensuring that you, our customer, gets the right product for the job. We, at Singh Concrete, aim to deliver a 5-star service to our customers and it’s important to us that you feel like you made the right choice.


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