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Concrete for Garden

Delivering the right concrete for your project

Whether you’re looking to lay a concrete patio, a driveway, or foundations for an outbuilding – such as a garden shed, the mix of concrete that you require will differ.

At Singh Concrete, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that the concrete we supply to you, will be entirely fit for purpose. Not sure how much you need? Not a problem, we can bring our volumetric truck to you, create the mix you need for your project, and only make the amount you need – saving you time and money.

Concrete for foundations

Are you laying foundations for a building? Designed to distribute the weight of the structure and prevent the subsoil from spreading, it is essential that you get the mix of the concrete right. Although the science behind using concrete for foundations is quite simple, the behaviour of the concrete can actually make it quite unpredictable.

At Singh Concrete, we can supply you with concrete suitable for use as building foundations and once pumped, the foundations should be ready for you to lay any brickwork after just 24 hours. This type of concrete can be used as base for houses, conservatories, garages and other building extensions.

Concrete for Foundations
Concrete Driveways

Concrete for driveways and patios

When it comes to driveways, you want one that not only looks fantastic, but is easy to maintain. Concrete driveways offer these benefits and so much more. Unlike other traditional driveway material such as asphalt, concrete driveways are much more eco-friendly. They are made from renewable resources such as natural rock, sand and cement and can be formulated from a percentage of recycled waste materials.

The concrete that we supply for use on driveways and patios is specifically mixed to bear lightweight traffic – cars, vans, and people.

Grab Hire

An all-in-one service

Whether you’re installing a new driveway, or laying foundations for any structures, there’s a high chance that you’re going to have some waste soil or material. At Singh Concrete we are proud to be your all-in-one solution and offer a highly reputed grab hire service that is available to both domestic and commercial customers.

Whether you live in London, Surrey, or any of the surrounding counties, we can collect your inert waste for the fraction of the cost of hiring several skips.


If you come to us with a like-for-like quote from any reputed retailer in our service area, we will beat it.

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