How to Get Rid of Moss on Concrete

How to Get Rid of Moss on Concrete Stubborn moss marks can be removed using a half and half vinegar/water mixture. This method is cost-effective for removing moss from concrete surfaces. White vinegar is the appropriate vinegar to use and it is easiest to apply on the moss when poured into a spray bottle allowing you to quickly spread across wide surfaces.

If you were wondering what moss is, you have come to the right place. Moss is part of the plant family called “Bryophytes”. The resilient plant has existed for millions of years. Moss is a rootless species and it does not grow wood or flowers. Many plant species produce seeds for reproduction however moss produces spores. Spores are a cell that certain fungi, plants and bacteria produce. 

Moss can be found in all sorts of habitats, it has spread around the globe within its millions of years of existence. Some of the places you can find moss are:

  • Rain Forests
  • Wetlands
  • Gardens 
  • Caves
  • Urban Areas (Driveways, walls and pavements)

One thing these different environments have in common is that they all have tendencies to harbour dampness and moisture which is what allows moss to flourish in terms of growth. Moss will not grow well in dry conditions due to the lack of water. 

How to Remove Moss From Concrete 

When it comes to concrete floors it is very common for moss to grow. Especially if the surface is fairly moist and slightly shaded throughout the day. These are the perfect conditions for moss to grow. It is vital that moss is maintained as it can become a slipping hazard. This is because moss can make walkways and paths dangerous to cross. 


Remember that before removing moss from concrete floors, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare the concrete. This includes sweeping the area, preparing the correct cleaning solution, scrubbing the area after application of the solution, and rinsing the area. Be prepared to repeat this process a few times until the moss is completely removed. This can often be a time-consuming process but with the right tools and techniques, you can restore your concrete floors to their original condition.

What Kills Moss on Concrete?

What Kills Moss on Concrete? Another method you can use to kill moss on concrete is the use of dish soap. Mixing the soap with lukewarm water will create an effective solution to kill that moss. Once this method is used, after about 24 hours the moss should die and turn orange or brown. When moss is in this condition it makes it easier to remove with a metal rake. 

When growing, moss roots grow very shallow, so raking will become more simple to remove the whole plant. Once you have collected the moss, you should dispose of it in sealed bags away from your lawn. 

Killing the moss is one step, but keeping it from growing again is another. This can only be done by changing the conditions in your lawn that led to its initial growth. The growth of moss isn’t necessarily determined by the condition of the soil. But, moss is an indicator of some soil problems. 

How To Prevent Moss On Driveway

Once the moss has been removed from the area. Ensuring that it does not grow back is key. This can be done by making sure the growing conditions for the moss to grow back is poor. 


Sodium Percarbonate is one of the most effective moss killers, especially for concrete. This is due to the fact that when the granules of sodium percarbonate react with warm water they create a bubbly liquid. This liquid then soaks up the moss and kills the moss’ roots and the spores as it is continuously soaking. This is the method you need for the driveway as this ensures 100% of the moss is killed and stopped from growing again in the future. 


Sodium Percarbonate is amazing at breaking down single-celled organisms like moss as it only includes water and oxygen indicating it does no damage to the environment. 

This is a process that occurs once Sodium Percarbonate has been applied to moss.

Sodium Percarbonate Is Applied

Sodium Percarbonate Is Applied

Sodium Percarbonate Spread On The Mossy Tarmac

Sodium Percarbonate Spread On The Mossy Tarmac

Dead Moss

Top 5 Methods In Removing Moss From Concrete

  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is normally stored away in your kitchen cupboard, but it can surely be used for removing moss from your concrete. Simply sprinkle some over the surface in which moss is most prominent and leave for 24 hours then sweep away the area.

  • Pressure Washer – Using a pressure washer is most likely one of the fastest ways to remove moss from concrete. Simply blast away the area and leave it clear.

  • Boiling Water – This method includes no chemicals. Simply boil the water, pour it onto the moss and use a broom to scrub away the remaining moss.

  • Household Bleach – Mix the bleach and water with one another and sprinkle it over moss. Leave it to soak into the moss for at least 30 seconds then wash it away. However, be careful not to get bleach on other plants as they could die.

  • Vinegar  If you have full-strength vinegar you can pour it over the moss and it will remove it completely. Allow the vinegar to sit for 10 minutes. Then use a stiff brush to sweep away the area.

Moss on Concrete FAQ’S

  • Bleach is a good chemical to use when wanting to kill moss on concrete. It is just important that you are careful when using bleach as it can stain pavement or kill surrounding plants. 
  • Vinegar will definitely kill moss as vinegar is an acid and it will kill any green living thing. As mentioned earlier, bleach will also kill moss making it easy to scrape and dispose of.
  • Moss will most likely grow in lawns during winter. If the conditions of your lawn are usually prone to growth, in order to suppress the growth during winter it may be beneficial to keep the lawn well cared for. 
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