Concrete Patio Ideas on a Budget

If you have a concrete patio, I’m sure you’re aware that it is a useful and functional space. However, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In order to spice things up without feeling a pinch in your pocket, allow me to display a few concrete patio ideas. 


A simple way to give your patio that aesthetic boost is to give it a floral bloom! Plants not only engulf your patio surrounding with lucious colours but also add an inviting atmosphere to the environment.

Another cost-efficient idea that you can integrate into your patio is outdoor rugs. These protect and prevent surface area damage and cover up any cracks or stains in the concrete. Finally regarding safety, they help  avoid slips and falls. 


You can also transform your patio by introducing outdoor lights. Set the tone and mood of your patio, and bring it to life using: string lights, solar powered lights or lanterns to uplift the personality of your patio. 


At Singh Concrete, we offer high quality concrete helping you tackle any domestic concrete project. In this case patios. 

Simple Concrete Patio Ideas

There are a few simple but effective ways that you can implement within your patio. Some of these include:


  • Concrete Pavers: Choosing the appropriate pavers can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your outdoor area. Small pavers can create a traditional and classic look. They are easy to manage and install making them an adequate choice for DIY projects. In contrast, larger pavers introduce a more modern and contemporary look to your patio space. They also create the illusion of making smaller areas appear bigger. 
  • Wood Furniture: Provides an incredible value for your money with the durability that it brings.  It is also easy maintenance, meaning it doesn’t take much effort or time to clean.
  • Outdoor Fire Pit: Creates a cosy atmosphere allowing you to snuggle with those you love. You don’t have to worry about bringing it out at a certain time of the year as you can  use them all year round! 

This displays that there are many routes you can take when wanting to implement simple ideas to your patio with minimal effort. 

Concrete Patio Ideas Small Backyards

If your backyard allows for installation of a small patio you can still make the most of it with these concrete patio ideas. 


  • Incorporate Curves: Not all patios have to have straight lines or be square shaped. You can allow them to be made in a way that allows curves to be present. 
  • Add a Pattern or Stencilled Design: Adding a pattern or design to your patio allows you to spice things up slightly than keeping it plain.
  • Add a border: Borders are effective for the patio as it doesn’t give the look of the pattern running off the edge. They’re a cost effective way to dress up concrete and improve the overall look of  the patio. 


No matter where you live or where your patio is based, you’ll be surprised at the endless ideas and possibilities available to grasp and include within your patio.

Inexpensive Ways to Cover Concrete Patio

Many people decide to go for a concrete patio when deciding on a material. This is due to the durability of the material and the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. It is also cost-effective as it costs less than other materials like stones and bricks.

Some ways in which you can cover your concrete patio without going out of budget are: 


  • Paint: Floral or geometric patterns allow you to explore your creativity. You can apply any pattern you desire to uplift that dull concrete patio. With painting, there are endless possibilities with what you want to as there are many colours and combinations out there to use. 
  • Concrete Stamps: Stamps can only be applied before concrete dries. Concrete stamps are easy to apply and they offer a very stylish ora to your patio as a whole.
  • Staining Concrete: Staining concrete improves the overall look of concrete, removing the dull appearance. With stains you can choose from either acid based or water based. Both offer a complete change to your patio but are different in their own way. 

Acid based stains are more durable and last longer without fading as they build chemical bonds alongside the cement. These bonds make it challenging for stains to peel or chip off.  However, acid based stains take longer to dry and aren’t safe to inhale. 


On the other hand, water based stains lack durability. However, it is easier to apply, toxin free and does in fact dry quicker. Regardless of your choice, concrete stains are budget friendly and offer great style. 

Concrete Patio Ideas FAQs


What Is The Cheapest Option For a Patio?

  • Concrete is one of the not only common options for a patio but cost effective also. 

What Is The Easiest Patio To Install? 

  • Pavers are the best option – a simple square design with all pavers the same size is the most suitable for a DIY patio.  It is a more simple process as you do not have the hassle of cutting the pavers. Pavers are inexpensive and easy to install.

Can I Do My Own Concrete Patio?

  • Building your own concrete patio is very much possible. However, planning and preparation is key in creating a successful patio. 

What Is The Best Colour For a Concrete Patio?

  • If your aim is to make your patio look bright and vivid, you should consider using white concrete paint. This will give your patio a fresh look and it will also enhance and protect the concrete floor. 
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