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Concrete Ballast Calculator UK FAQ

Concrete ballast refers to heavy, dense blocks or slabs made of concrete that are used to provide stability, counterbalance, or secure various structures, equipment, or objects.

Concrete ballast is commonly used in construction, maritime applications, and civil engineering projects. It’s often employed to stabilise structures, such as signs, tents, or temporary installations.

Concrete ballast is preferred for its high density, durability, and resistance to weathering. It provides a stable and long-lasting solution for securing objects and structures.

Concrete ballast is specifically designed to have a high density, making it heavier than typical concrete mixes. This increased weight enhances its effectiveness in providing stability and counterbalance.

dimensions of the project (length, width, height) and the size of the concrete blocks being used.

Yes, concrete ballast can be customised in terms of size, shape, and weight to suit the requirements of a particular project. This allows for flexibility in application.

Concrete allast is often used to stabilise boats and ships, especially when they are not fully loaded with cargo. It helps maintain balance and prevent tipping.

Concrete ballast is typically placed strategically to provide the required stability. It may be stacked, arranged in a specific pattern, or positioned to evenly distribute weight based on the object or structure it is supporting.

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